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Blockchain Case Study


UX Design
Success metrics

Base & Variants

Energi is the most security-oriented cryptocurrency Mobile App, featuring innovative safety protocols that have been intelligently designed to prevent a wide range of cybercrime while easing user access to DeFi applications.

Feature Overview

Blockchain Transaction speed in turn hinges upon numerous other factors like block size, block time, traffic on the network, transaction fees, etc. These factors however can make this modern technology feel very slow at times. Whilst processing transactions, it is not enough to have just the status of the transaction as pending, sending or connecting.Users result to blockchain explorers like Etherscan, PolygonScan etc. just to see the progress of their transactions

Existing Metrics

Using Google Analytics for Mobile Apps to measure engagement on [] Mobile App. We discovered the following metrics below

What was Wrong

Based on the given metrics above the following was inferred

Design Process (1).png

Roles and Responsibilites

  • Product Designer (Flowchart, Sketched, Hi-fidelity, Prototyping/Interaction, Usability testing, design review with engineers)

  • User research with project managers (talked with existing customers)


  • Inclusive design and Accessibility

My goal is to design this feature to enable users to develop trust in our product.This will be, by ensuring hyper-transparency transparent around transaction status showing the user how much time is left with their transaction.

Who I collaborated with & how that collaboration went:

  • Existing Users

  • Stakeholders

  • Project managers

  • Data scientist

  • Backend Engineers

  • Mobile App Engineers.

  • Other Designers

User Flow

a visual representation of the steps the user takes to complete a transaction. 

Untitled (2).png


Untitled (6).png



Untitled (7).png

Style Guide From Existing Design System

Solution Documentation.png


To ensure a great user experience for this Crypto and blockchain product; The first Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design by Jakob Nielsen which states that”Visibility of system status” must be put into consideration.

The design should always keep users informed about what is going on, through appropriate feedback within a reasonable amount of time.This will Build trust through open and continuous communication which is the users major needs.


Integrating Figma with Zeplin help create a seamless design hand-off Experience. The following elements were documented on Zeplin.

  • Color Palette

  • Text Style catalog

  • Spacing and Layout

  • Components

  • Flows

  • Asset Management.

The following other processes were put into consideration during the hand off process

  • Writing of Accessibility handoff attaching the right aerial label and UX copies/tags based on Tab focus, screen readers, and voiceovers

  • Design review with developers after implementation

Success Metrics

Together with the product managers. We were able to monitor results with google analytics, to track our metrics.


We had a soft update and we tracked our metrics for Six Months after update, I measured for the success metrics of the product with the product manager. We were able to monitor results with google analytics, to track our metrics.

Base-Variant Graph

Success Metrics (1).png
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