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Product Documentation, User research, UX Design, UI Design.


Fintech, Banking, Lending Infrastructure.

A B2B Platform that provides Lending infrastructure to Underserved Institutions. This Banking as a service platform powers financial institutions; with instant access to provide ready-to-use digital financial services to underserved communities. enabling traditional banking with DIGITAL ACCESS!  A Plug-in service  to create, manage and distribute banking operations in local communities


Kredit Is a platform that connects parties involved in the lending process, that is borrowers, lenders and intermediaries in order to facilitate lending and borrowing. The advantage of this platform is to relieve the parties of the stress that comes with the traditional process. 

Problem Statement

The problem that this infrastructure aims to solve is the inefficiency and high cost of traditional lending processes. Some of the key issues that need to be addressed in order to establish a successful B2B2C lending infrastructure include:


Building trust between borrowers, lenders, and intermediaries. As lenders are not quite certain of chances of getting their funds back..

Data Security

Sensitive financial information are not securely stored and protected from unauthorized access.


Most platform don't comply with all relevant regulations and laws to ensure the legality of the lending process.


Existing platforms are able to handle a large volume of transactions and support growth as the number of users increases.


Not all platforms are able to integrate with other financial systems and services to provide a seamless experience for users such as due diligence

User experience

User-friendly interface that makes the lending process simple and easy to understand for all parties involved.

Risk management

Existing platforms do not have effective risk management systems in place to minimize the risk of default and fraud.

My Role

Product (UI/UX) Designer

As Product Designer on the team working with the developers. I played a crucial role in providing solutions for the challenges outlined in the problem statement. Specifically, I was responsible for the following:
1. Designing user-friendly interfaces using tools like Miro, Figma, Adobe Photoshop e.t.c.

2. Collaborating with the compliance team to understand relevant regulations so as to design the platform to comply with these laws, reducing the risk of legal penalties.

3. Creating a design system open for scalability 

4. Calculating success metrics to measure, growth of product.

Writing on Sticky Notes

User Interfaces for the Financial Institutions 

These screens showcases the experience of the institutions in providing lending services to their Users

2 (2)
1 (6)

Overview Page.

These screen shows the navigation links across all sections of the page, seeing all Loan offers available to customers, Total number of Loan Requests


Disbursment Page

These screen captures all activities around loan disbursement to the borrowers, giving metrics of total amount disbursed and Amount repayed

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